iSSA Virtual Assistant : At least 75 % L0 Calls will be managed
by iSSA – VA

Insight Engine (AI Algorithm) : Rich Repository of Enterprise Data with Easy Search & Seamless Integration with CRM

OMNI Channel touch Points (24/7 & Multilingual) : Customers can Interact with iSSA via Phone, Toll free, WEB, etc.,

Session handover to Live Agent : Seamless auto transfer to Live Agent only on need basis

Quick Set up and Easy Administration : Shorter duration of deployment time (around 6-8 weeks)


Cloud-Based System

You only need iSSA & internet connection. No hardware required.

Full Agent Interface

Everything a call center agent needs - from dialing to order-taking to resolution.

Insight Engine

Designed to create intelligence out of historical records and open data for scoring.

Information Store

iSSA store for supervised / un-supervised learning (in-house or on-cloud ).

Omni-channel Gateway

Seamless transition between virtual and live agent via audio / video / chat.

Reporting and live dashboard

Run off-the-shelf or tailored reports & show real time data internally.

Intelligent Intuition

Capture and understand conversation (with ascent & linguistic variance) to correlate insight.

Multi-Channel Experience

Integrated multi-channel experience (web, mobile, WhatsApp and TFN).

Domain Flow & ML Model

Configure pre-built process categories and ML models, to get started much faster.

Quality Control

Listen to call recording & real time conversations. Track agent productivity.

Outbound & Inbound

Make & receive calls. use IVR? iSSA is the only system you need.

API & integration Strategy

Link iSSA APIs withyour ERP or leverage reusable info-uploaders.

More Details

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  • Auto recognition of context through IOT
  • As a Service Model
  • Increase of COP
  • Conversation led reduction of truck re-rolls
  • Elastic Search – Technicians can search on customer information
  • Efficient Scheduling – based on skillsets, location etc
  • Real time alerts – push notifications on pending jobs
  • Conversation led work order management

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