"An AI powered chatbot to recreate a human"

PyBot is a smart Chatbot, where easily you can plugin and use Chat bot on your website, or as a landing page in a few hours. Quickly leverage data collected by PyBot porting it over to your Software tools, marketing automation, e-mail platforms, or internal portals and get instant notification from your customer . Once deployed, you can live chat with customers as well as see rich bot analytics, suggestions for optimization, and edit your bot on the fly.

Leveraging AI functionality and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Instabot is able to gain knowledge quickly and answer hundreds of questions over time.

How Pybot Engine will work for your website?

Plugin into Your Existing Website Instantly

Customers don't like waiting, they need help. They need it right now in same website where they are looking for need. Keeping people waiting for more than two hours to get the initial help means there is 90% chance you are going to lose this customer.

Train the Bot for your Business

Gather the data you need to train your chat bot and easily leverage top NLP and machine learning platforms to make advanced, intelligent chat bots.

Train your bot to focus on the most commonly asked questions first and highlight the most common answers, working down the list of information by priority.

Make available your business into 24 X 7, when your employees are on vacation.


Extensive support for building bots that can easily operate in multiple languages.

Where PyBot Engine Can Replace

Comprehensive Customer Support

Create chatbots that cost-effectively streamline your customer support process for automated replies to live chat agents.

Automated Sales & Marketing

Create chatbots to offer and instant & interactive way for customers to interact with your brand. Get 24 X 7 recommendations and complete transactions.

Intelligent Human Resources

Embrace the future of people management with a chatbot that automates hiring & on-boarding and offers instant responses to employee queries.

Automated Transactions Enquires

Embrace the transaction of reporting via conversational AI and significantly reducing support calls &

Service Management (ITSM)

Increase service level satisfaction for your internal customers by providing 24 X 7 chatbot to address IT service support queries and a range of simple tasks.

Conversational Commerce

Create chatbots that provide the best in new age conversational commerce by helping with product search, recommendations & payments.

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