Realtime Streaming Support

Face Detection

Face Recognition

Spoof Detection

Access Control

Technology & Sample Demo

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Metric (Face Recognition + Deep Learning)
  • Python
  • Video and live streaming using OpenCV
  • Deep Learning Network Technology

Area Of Domains

Visitor Management

  • Power up for a simple, smart & secure visitor experience. Modernise your front desk to give your guests the welcome they deserve with our highly customizable visitor management system using face recognition


  • Increased Security
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Easily Integratable
  • Globally Scallable

Parking Management

  • Parking management systems can vary at levels of efficiency primarily due to the nature of parking lots which is typically to occupy a significant number of parking spaces, and the traffic of cars coming in and out parking lots
  • With that, entry and exit become of the utmost importance as this is where the traffic and identification can be monitored with a greater deal of scrutiny
  • Check the required details

Attendance Management

  • Smart Attendance Using Real Time Face Recognition (SAUFR) is highly accurate Face detection system for attendance purpose using various formats of input data's are images, video and live streaming
  • Multiple Face's are detecting in single time
  • Fraud detection due to liveness implementation
  • The employees information with image will be stored into the database, from the server it will match the user and update the attendance if matched automatically
  • Updated attendance can be viewed in report

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